Location Spotlight: The Russell Foundation in Gig Harbor

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Location Spotlight: The Russell Foundation in Gig Harbor
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Looking for photos at maritime location with a modern flair? And/or fall color in the downtown area? The Russell Foundation in Gig Harbor is the location for you! It's a nice add-on to Skansie Park if you want to do a 60 minute session with 2 locations (a 5 minute walk).

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When does it work best? mornings between 9-11am. 

What it has: a super architecture plaza with cool vanishing points, a rad looooing stone wall, cool boulders for the kids to climb on, wood beams to lean against, and a view overlooking the water and boats of Gig Harbor. BONUS: the only real fall color I've found in downtown Gig Harbor. It's best in mid-Oct-mid-November.

Pros: super easy parking. Very accessible for those less abled. Easy for a 30 minute shoot, or as an add-on to Skansie. With a stand-alone 30 minute shoot, these is time to walk down to Maritime Pier next to the Tides Tavern for shots on the dock. 

Cons: There isn't much here for anything longer than 30 minutes. For light, it only works in the morning between 9-11am.

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