Location Spotlight: The Tacoma Tideflats

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Location Spotlight: The Tacoma Tideflats

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Looking for an edgy funky location that will make all your friends jealous because it will look like you are straight out of a fashion magazine? Look no further. The Tacoma Tide flats have graffiti, an industrial bridge, old derelict train tracks, and funky alcoves. It even has a functional hidden skate park. I am not going to lie, this is probably my favorite location to shoot senior photos! It is a photographer's paradise! 

When does it work? Weeknights and weekends 90 minutes before sunset (1 hour earlier if it is cloudy)

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Pros: just beyond cool in every way. Plus, it's actually very easy to access all the shooting spots, with your car being right next to all almost all the sites (we would stop 3-4 places; the last stop at the bridge is the only spot we would have to walk 3 mins from your parked car) 

Cons: there is no place to change outfits, so you would need to do so in your car. In the last 6 months, a homeless population has sprung up in some spots, but none that we will use. As of Sept 5, 2022, there are a couple RVs at the bridge site, but they are (sadly) young families. Seniors, if you feel unsafe about this situation, bring both mom and dad. But I have never had a problem there

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How it works: This location works for 60 minute sessions only. It is also easy to add on the Tacoma waterfront afterwards (package 3 for seniors). We would meet at a a dropped pin location and we would follow each other in cars along a 1 mile radius. I have all the best spots pinned on my phone. 

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