Location Spotlight: Narrows Park

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Location Spotlight: Narrows Park 

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Is there anything more iconic than the Tacoma Narrows Bridges? I don't think so. 

This location also has some cool driftwood and a swing on the right side of the beach (though I've never used it in a shoot, I have always wanted to!)

When does it work? I like shooting there in the early-ish morning (9-10am), when the sun is at your back. This is the only time to walk down to the bridges and get it in shots up close and personal (60 min shoots only). A lot of photographers like shooting there in the late afternoon, but I find the shadows too dark and the bridge too bright. I need to experiment there more for sure!  

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Pros: the bridges! 

Cons: Tides can be a factor, so if you want to book a date, I will need to look at those. It can also be breezy, which is bad for long hair. If it's too strong on our chosen day (I have wind prediction apps) we can reschedule or have a Plan B location. Another con: to get down to the bridges to close up shots, it's a trek, about 15 minutes, but we will shoot photos in cool spots as we walk. This location doesn't have much to offer besides the bridges, though it does have some lovely driftwood and shaded arching trees. This location technically CAN be used to 30 minute shoots, so we won't be able to walk down to get under the bridges, but we would be able to get the shots below:  

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