Location Spotlight: Donkey Creek Park

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Location Spotlight: Donkey Creek Park 

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Want to get up and close and personal with Gig Harbor? Then taking your family photos or senior portraits here is a great option! This location works best for 30 minute sessions, or as an add on to a 60 minute session at the Russell Foundation, Ancich Park, or Skansie Park.

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Pros: This small park has a variety of super cool backgrounds including lush green forest, a cool historical building, a small beach, and a rustic log for sitting. It is great in any season, but I love summer and fall because it has tall wildflowers called dara, which look like something from a Dr Suess book, both when they are alive and dead. There is even a spot of fall color in late Oct/early Nov.

Cons: For those less abled, it's a bit of a walk from the parking spot (2-3 minutes), but not nearly as far as many other locations, and its easy and wheelchair accessible.  There is an option to park closer, right across the street from The Beach Basket, for an easier walk to the beach. When the tide is super low, the beach is mucky and yucky, but we can shoot at the top of the beach where it's "clean."


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