Location Spotlight: Chambers Bay in University Place

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Location Spotlight: Chambers Bay in University Place 
DSC_7349Chambers Bay in University Place Senior Photo DSC_7344-3DSC_7344-3

I have been coming here with my family for years. The area first found use as a rock quarry stemming as far back as the Steilacoom Indian Tribe and the first European settlers in 1832. It is now home to a beautiful park featuring and open lawn, cool bridge, and wide west-facing beach with driftwood. 

When a graduating senior recently chose it for her session (sight unseen because she "heard it was cool"), I was so excited! And then I got home to edit. It was even BETTER than I could ever have imagined.

DSC_4704Chambers Bay in University Place Senior Photo DSC_7525Chambers Bay in University Place Senior Photo

Pros: want a stunning variety of backgrounds? This is the place for you! It's got a grassy meadow, cool old quarry-related structures, a fantastic architectural bridge, and a long beach with a wide variety of driftwood. 

Cons: Because it gets crowded on weekends, I will only shoot here on weekday evenings. 60 minute sessions only. Accessibility: it is mostly flat, except for the stairs to get to the beach from the bridge. It is quite a bit of walking for those less abled. 

Great for: senior portraits, families, engagement photos.

When it works: weekday late afternoons, 60 minute sessions only. The photos below were all taken at 3pm on a late April day. 

DSC_4709DSC_4709 DSC_7385DSC_7385

DSC_7328DSC_7328 DSC_7460DSC_7460






DSC_7622DSC_7622 DSC_7672DSC_7672


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