Location Spotlight: The Woods of Sehmel Park

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Location Spotlight: The Woods of Sehmel Park 

DSC_1113Sehmel Park Gig Harbor Sehmel Park Gig Harbor

Kopachuck State Park has always been my go-to for yummy mossy woods and ferns, but it is closing in June 2024 for a year-long facelift! Luckily, only 5-7 mins away, Sehmel park (pronounced ZAY-mul; I know this because my aunt dated one of the Sehmel brothers back when she was in high school, lol)) has us covered for families and seniors wanting the classic woods that scream "I Live in The Northwest!"

Pros: a fun adventure, stunning backgrounds, a boardwalk, moss, ferns, tall trees, not very crowded, even on weekends. 

Cons: a bit of a walk for those less abled. Easy parking right along the road though! There are always some walkers to avoid, but it's easy enough to let them pass. Light can be harsh on sunny days, but as long as we can keep it at your back, like in these photos, the final product will be stunning.

When it works: This route is perfect for 30 minute sessions. You park along the street. I'll send a map before your session. We will walk down to the boardwalk, about 10 minutes, snapping photos along the way and back) This session was on an April morning at 10:30am, so I would say it works best between 9:00-11am in the summer. It would probably also work well a couple hours before sunset (but I only offer 30 min sessions on weekdays only) 

These photos were edited with my muted modern style (as always clients get to choose their edited style.)

DSC_1106DSC_1106 DSC_1087DSC_1087

DSC_1126Sehmel Park Gig Harbor A family walks in the woods at Sehmel Park inGig Harbor






DSC_1210DSC_1210 DSC_1119DSC_1119





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