Graduation & Senior Sessions

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There's no denying, the Class of '22 has experienced a couple of crazy years like no other. 

Seniors, I believe you deserve to experience the same milestones and traditions as the classes that came before you. That's why I'm so enthusiastic about my graduation and senior sessions.

Bring your cap and gown, sports uniform, outfit changes, and props. Grab a few friends for a group session, or even your dog! It's all about capturing you, your achievements, and passions at this pivotal moment in time. 

What Makes Me Different: 

* You get at least 30 artfully edited photos t a 30 min session, and at least 75 at a 60 min session, not just your 5-10 favorites.

* I will have most shoots edited and back to you for download within 72 hours (at the very longest, 7 days during peak season).

* If it rains on your booked day, your full deposit can be applied to a different day. 

* For 60 minute packages, during the editing process, I like to send sneak peeks and ask clients which "look" they like best. Some people prefer dark and moody. Some prefer natural. Some prefer high contrast artistic looks. Or you can just leave it up to me and get what I think looks best. 

* Do you want to recreate a pose you saw on Instagram or Pinterest? Screen shot me the photo and we can do it!

* I remove acne and pesky deep wrinkles at no additional cost. Let me know the file numbers of your top 5-10 favorites and I will "clean" them up. (if you want them done, it's an extra $50 to cover the editing time)

*After you receive your gallery, one of my favorite thing to offer is to have clients tell me which are their few favorite photos, then I take them and edit with different effects and filters at no additional charge (60 minute packages only).

* I LOVE meeting our local seniors!! We have soooo much fun. Getting to know them at their session makes my day. I leave every senior shoot feeling better about our future. 

Scroll down for senior packages

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Senior Photo Packages


We can shoot anywhere you choose! Want classic Gig Harbor maritime looks? Skansie Park is amazing in the morning. Want rolling golden fields and woodsy looks? Sehmel park 2 hours before sunset is my favorite. Kopachuck Park is my fav for ferns, forest, beach and driftwood. Get an idea of what you may want by perusing my full client galleries.; the location is in the title of each album. 

Each hour I shoot typically takes me 4-6 hours of editing time. You will receive your photos in an online gallery with download instructions for you to print wherever you please. If you choose, there are also print options right from your gallery on my website. You should receive your gallery no more than 4 days after our session, but it isn't unusual for me to have them for you the next day! 

Package 1: 

30 minute-mini and 30 artfully edited images for digital download: $200 plus tax. One outfit. Supersize your mini and do two outfits for $40 more and get 60 edited images. Weeknights and weekend mornings only. 

Package 2: 

60 minutes, unlimited outfit changes, 100 artfully edited images for digital download, plus get previews and choose what "feel" you want your images to have (i.e. natural/boho/modern): $325 plus tax.  

Package 3:

90 minutes, and/or 2 locations (within 20 mins drive, i.e. Skansie and Kopachuck Park), unlimited outfit changes, 160 artfully edited images for digital download, plus get previews and choose what "feel" you want your images to have (i.e. natural/boho/modern): $425 plus tax

Package 4: 

Have it all! This package allows us for a full photo safari! 2+ hours, unlimited outfit changes, multiple locations within a 30 min drive, 200 artfully edited photos for digital download, plus get previews and choose what "feel" you want your images to have (i.e. natural/boho/modern): $575 plus tax. Example album:


Package 5: Besties Share!

Grab your best friend and share a 60 minute package! 70 individual photos per friend (artfully edited for digital download), plus 15 photos of you together. Unlimited outfit changes: $480 plus tax

Sharing packages can also be applied to any of the other the individual packages above, as well as adding more friends; contact me for price quote. 


I will clean up acne on your 10 favorite photos at no cost. Just let me know the file numbers after you download your album and I will add them to the end once done. If you want me to touch up acne on every photo, let me know beforehand; it's $35 for 30 minute shoots, and $65 for 60+ minute shoots. 



To find out what dates I have available, your location first needs to be decided, since different spots have the best light at different times of the day. Contact Cora to set a date with a $50 down-payment (via Zelle or Venmo; Paypal is $4 extra per $100 spent). If the weather is bad on our chosen day, we can reschedule at no additional cost. The remainder of payment is due at your shoot, via Zelle, Venmo, or personal check made out to Cora Reuter. 

Within 4-5 days, you will receive your album with download instructions via email, and you are free to print your photos anywhere you like. My website also offers high quality printing services. 


Package 5: Gig Harbor Sandspit


I will take you to the Gig Harbor sandpit for iconic Gig Harbor beach shots in my 23 foot SeaRay boat, which is moored in a slip right next to Skansie park. One hour, 50+ images and 2 hours editing time: $325. Add 25-30 mins at Skansie Park before-hand (morning only) for only $100 extra and 50 more images. 

For $60 more and an experience you will never forget, we can also take the boat under the Narrows Bridges for some pretty epic shots with it in the background.