Location Spotlight: Bella Bella Beach on Fox Island

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Location Spotlight: Bella Bella Beach on Fox Island 
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This unique rocky-beach sandspit is the place to go for sunset photos in Gig Harbor. But even better, it's one of the few locations that works best any time of the day, as long as I can put the sun at your back. The best part: the stunning driftwood! It's a photographer's dream land! And the whimsical tall sea grass looks cool at any time of the year. 

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When it works: any time of the day! Be aware that in the photos below, it was cloudy so we were able to get the whole sandspit in the background. If it's sun, these same shots won't work, but others will. 


Pros: fantastic driftwood, great for candids of kids climbing and throwing pebbles in the water. Works well for both low and high tides. On clear days, it is possible to get Mt Rainier in the background, works any time of day. Works well for both 30 and 60 minute sessions. (30 min sessions, AM times only) For 60 minute shoots, we would also have time for some photos in the small woodsy path area. 


Cons: it's a steep walk down to the beach, so not easy for those less abled. For senior portraits, there isn't any place to change outfits, so we would have to bring blankets to make a make-shift changing area. There is no shade, so getting really good shots can be tricky on super bright sunny days. 


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