Location Spotlight: Kopachuck State Park

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Location Spotlight: Kopachuck State Park 

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Oh Kopachuck. I could wax poetic about how I love it so. I grew up in Tacoma and only ever went there a handful of times as a kid. But when we moved here from Federal Way 6 years ago, it didn't take long to notice that you can walk there from my front door. 

I know every spot to take the best photos in this park, what the tide has to be doing and at what time of day, which tree has the best moss, which logs are best for sitting.

This location works best for 60 minute sessions, but it can work for 30 minute sessions if we do the forest only.  

DSC_7310DSC_7310 DSC_7140DSC_7140

Highlights: as we walk down the trail, there are many spots to stop for idyllic NW forest photos. A mossy tree that looks like a giraffe, picnic tables to lay on with the forest behind, a split rail fence, a spot on a wide trail that looks like a cathedral behind the photo subjects, and a little wooden bridge. And it looks great at any season. 


The beach is equally enchanting. It's a rocky beach a mid to high tide (great for throwing pebbles) and a wide sandy beach at a negative tide. This is my favorite, since we can take of our shoes and wade along the shore line with the yummy sun behind (between 1-2pm). There are many driftwood logs to climb on at the top of the shoreline, and tree branches that hang low for cool artistic shots. 

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Best time for photos there: 10-2pm. 


Pros: hands down, the best spot for forest AND beach photos in Gig Harbor. 


Cons: it's hard to get the time of day right with the tide. If it's too early, subjects can be looking right into the sun if they want the water behind them. Summer ideal is 1pm at a very low tide. This location is a lot of walking, so not ideal for those less abled. 


Another con is that once small kids are at the beach, they get so into looking at the pebbles on the ground that they often don't look at the camera any more. This is fine as long as you don't mind more candids. As a photographer, it helps if you take charge and tell the kids that after their photos, they can stay awhile and play to their heart's content. 

DSC_1048-2DSC_1048-2 DSC_1022DSC_1022

DSC_1050DSC_1050 DSC_1096DSC_1096

Different looks: this is a location that is fun to play with different edited looks. In the fall, I can edit photos to be natural and bright (every photo above) or dark and moody. Examples below:

DSC_7418-2DSC_7418-2 DSC_7639-5DSC_7639-5

DSC_7679-3DSC_7679-3 DSC_6632-2DSC_6632-2

DSC_0881DSC_0881 DSC_1715DSC_1715

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