Location Spotlight: Sehmel Park in Gig Harbor

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Location Spotlight: Sehmel Park in Gig Harbor 
DSC_1694DSC_1694 DSC_1771DSC_1771

Sehmel Park in Gig Harbor is one of my favorite location as a photographer. It just doesn't have a bad angle! It works well at any season and when I edit the photos, I can highlight the season by going light/bright or dark/moody. It's soooo versatile. 

DSC_3730-3DSC_3730-3 DSC_2817DSC_2817

What it has: tall rolling golden grass July-Oct and green grass Nov-June, a cool split rail fence, a tiny little pond, some yellow fall color, and a boardwalk in the woods (60 minute shoot only) 


When it works best: in the Spring: mornings at 11am. In the Summer and fall: 2.5 hours before sunset. 


Pros: Sehmel Park is just stunning. Works for both 30 (weekend mornings and weekday evenings only) and 60 minute sessions. With 60 minute sessions, there is time for both the field and boardwalk in the woods. There are so many options for capturing natural beauty. 


Cons: it's a 5 minute walk down a gentle hill to my favorite spot. Not the best for those less abled, but not the worst. There is no beach and nothing that screams "this is the Pacific Northwest"


Late August:

DSC_2302DSC_2302 DSC_2371DSC_2371


DSC_4493DSC_4493 DSC_4619DSC_4619


(this whole album is dreamy https://www.corareuterphotography.com/p861333323)






Photo editing: at Sehmel, I can edit your photos with either a light and bright look, or dark and moody. Just let me know at your session which you prefer. Here are some examples: 


All the above are bright and light. Here are some photos edited in my muted modern style: 

DSC_4910-2DSC_4910-2 DSC_5178-3DSC_5178-3

DSC_1942DSC_1942 DSC_4062DSC_4062

DSC_2303DSC_2303 20201102-DSC_005820201102-DSC_0058


DSC_5353-2DSC_5353-2 DSC_8702DSC_8702


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