For Your Photos: Bright and Light or Muted Modern?

September 29, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Every photographer has their own style when it comes to editing their final images, and I have developed two distinct looks I created using the tools in Adobe Lightroom: bright and light and muted modern. They are not filters. A lot of people use that vernacular shorthand mistake....I create each look by hand at each location on route we walked during your session, varying the contrast, shadows, whites, blacks, white balance, and color grading for each spot depending on the lighting conditions that day. Most photographers have one edited style that defines their brand. I have two, and you get to choose yours.

My light and bright style is colorful and happy, and true to what your eye sees, just a little more yummy. It is best used on bright and sunny days, as the muted modern style tends to look odd on bright days (depending on the surroundings):

DSC_6241DSC_6241 DSC_4659-2DSC_4659-2 DSC_1563DSC_1563 DSC_5964DSC_5964

DSC_9088DSC_9088 DSC_4694DSC_4694

My muted modern style is darker, richer, has more contrast, and really brings out brown tones. Perfect for that out-of-a-glossy-magazine look or a fall vibe. It seems to be all the rage right now with photographers. I love using most of all it in a forested setting because the green melts away and make the subject (you!) the star. It seems to work best on cloudy days. It is harder to get just right so it takes a bit more time, there for it is not available for 20 minute minis, only for standard 30 and 60 minute sessions. 


DSC_3216_SnapseedDSC_3216_Snapseed DSC_9601-2DSC_9601-2 DSC_7474DSC_7474 DSC_8652-2DSC_8652-2

DSC_5436DSC_5436 DSC_4512-3DSC_4512-3

How does choosing work? Within 48 hours of your session, I send a preview album of a few photos edited both ways and have clients choose the look they love most for their final album. It is HARD to choose! Some look better one way, and some look better the other. I ask that they go with their gut and pick one or the other. 

Below are some images side by side in each style. It's hard to choose, right?! Which do you prefer? Comment below. I am always curious what people think.

DSC_6244DSC_6244 DSC_6244-2DSC_6244-2











DSC_6393DSC_6393 DSC_6393-3DSC_6393-3


DSC_5680DSC_5680 DSC_5680-2DSC_5680-2

DSC_9140DSC_9140 DSC_9140-2DSC_9140-2

DSC_6720DSC_6720 DSC_6720-2DSC_6720-2

DSC_8530-2DSC_8530-2 DSC_8530-3DSC_8530-3

DSC_1695DSC_1695 DSC_1695-2DSC_1695-2

DSC_4208DSC_4208 DSC_4208-2DSC_4208-2

DSC_3320DSC_3320 DSC_3320-2DSC_3320-2

DSC_2249DSC_2249 DSC_2249-2DSC_2249-2

DSC_1421DSC_1421 DSC_1421-2DSC_1421-2

DSC_0825DSC_0825 DSC_0825-2DSC_0825-2

DSC_6456DSC_6456 DSC_6456-2DSC_6456-2

DSC_3544-2DSC_3544-2 DSC_3544DSC_3544

DSC_6258DSC_6258 DSC_6258-3DSC_6258-3












DSC_6056DSC_6056 DSC_6056-3DSC_6056-3

DSC_0583-2DSC_0583-2 DSC_0583DSC_0583

DSC_3646DSC_3646 DSC_3646-2DSC_3646-2

DSC_4982DSC_4982 DSC_4982-2DSC_4982-2

DSC_8085DSC_8085 DSC_8085-2DSC_8085-2

DSC_6478-2DSC_6478-2 DSC_6478DSC_6478

DSC_9831DSC_9831 DSC_9831-2DSC_9831-2



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