Location Spotlight: Pt Defiance Rose Garden

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Location Spotlight: Pt Defiance Rose Garden 

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Growing up in Tacoma, this was THE place to go for stunning family photos. My family often went there for picnics and we would have a contest to see who could find the best smelling rose, and now I do that same thing with my girls.

The reason I love it so much as a photographer is because of its versatility. Yes is has roses. But it also has fabulous foliage, a tunnel, ferns, hostas, a wishing well, and the best part: a scenic series of duck ponds and little bridges. You could also extend your session and add on the nearby Japanese Garden and Owen beach. 

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When it works: 2-3 hours before sunset, late May through mid September 

Pros: endless backgrounds. Easy to fill an hour session with lots of variety. An bathroom right in the middle, easy for changing outfits. 

Cons: it can get a little crowded on weekends, which is why I like to shoot there weekday evenings. This location is only good for 60 min sessions (no 30 minute sessions). 


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