Location Spotlight: Ancich Park in Gig Harbor

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Location Spotlight: Ancich Park in Gig Harbor 

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Looking for photography at a maritime location with a rustic, shabby chic feel? Ancich park in Gig Harbor is the location for you! It's a nice add-on to Skansie Park if you want to do a 60 minute session with 2 locations (a 5-7 minute walk or super quick drive).

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When does it work best? mornings between 9-11am. It does work for a quick PM shoot as well, but if you want the water in the background, the sun will be shining right in your eyes unless we shoot at dusk. 

What it has: a really super cool old net shed with rustic wood, and a view overlooking the water and boats of Gig Harbor. 

Pros: super easy parking. Very accessible for those less abled. Easy as an add-on to Skansie Park.

Cons: There isn't much here for anything longer than 15 minutes.

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