Location Spotlight: Skansie Park in Gig Harbor

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Location Spotlight: Skansie Park in Gig Harbor 

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Doing 30 minute photo sessions at Skansie park has become sort of an obsession of mine. I have gotten to know every nook, cranny, and angle to get the best shots during the morning hours when the light there is simply magical. Is there anything more quintessentially Gig Harbor than the Skansie Net Shed? I don't think so. And even if you aren't necessarily from Gig Harbor, there are few places with such ease of access that offer so many stunning PNW backgrounds in one easy place. Blurry sailboat masts? Check. Shabby chic reclaimed wood background? Check. Sprawling lawn with water in the background? Check. Dock with sparkly water and evergreen trees behind? Check. In 30 minutes, we can do them ALL (that is if kids are cooperating and we move quick). 

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Skansie Park works great for family photos, graduating seniors, headshots, even engagement photos.


Pros: Lots and lots of different backgrounds, including a couple neutral walls which are great for framed photos. Accessible and flat for less abled people. 

Cons: only works on mornings between 9-11:30 (in fall, 8:30am-10am otherwise the sun is in your face). Saturdays are busy there with canoe and kayak practices (lots of people in the background, but I can make it work). Sunday works best, and weekdays are even better. 

Skansie works best in 30-40 minutes. Want to make it 60 minutes? Add on Ancich Park or the Russell Foundation. 

To see full galleries taken at this location, click on "client galleries;" each album has the location in the title. 

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This Family chose my muted modern edit for their session. More on my two styles here:https://www.corareuterphotography.com/blog/2022/9/photo-editing-bright-and-light-or-muted-modern



My Light and Bright edit works well for bright sunny days:

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